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Let me tell you about this one....
by Pam Fowler on 1/13/2011 10:26:36 AM9 Comments

I don't know how else to begin but to say this, I talk to God and He talks to me. He talks to me often in images. I see what He is saying. Some of my friends think that is very odd. That I could be, perhaps somewhat touched, as we say in the south. But nevertheless, the fact remains, I can hear Him. I can see what He is saying. Sometimes, I'm a little slow but eventually I get it.

So I want to tell you about this painting. I have already told you most of it in my description of this big work, so I won't go over that part again. What I want to tell you is what it means to me.

I had a complaint with God. You see, He had never said one word to me about my art. No confirmation, even though there was something God-like going on with many of the works. Believe me, I know when He is in it and when I'm out there trying to create on my own.

So you know, I'm talking to Him. I know that so often when I'm talking, He's laughing. Sometimes I'm sure He laughs so loud that He can not accurately hear my complaining or He surely would not be laughing!

It went something like this. "What's the deal Lord? Why don't you ever say anything about this art? Are you in it or not? You talk about everything else except the thing I love doing. No dreams, no visions, no whispering in my ear, no sudden knowing, nothing, nada, not a word! You know, I could use a little encouragement here. They are not exactly flying off the walls! So-why-don't-you-say-something?" Hmph!

It wasn't very long until Texas arrived to buy up some art. And walking in the door the two women began talking about the amazing white lion behind the tree. Yeah, they actually had to point Him out to me. So if you want to look now, upper left hand corner, behind the tree, in the clouds. There He is, and I swear, it looks like He is laughing......

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