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This Christmas has been different for me...and a struggle financially. But people started giving me gifts of Gold, so I knew God was speaking to me…

The first gift I received was a bottle of anointing oil called Glory, mixed with Acacia wood, and saffron to represent Gold. ( When I shared it with a friend, they said, smells like Frankincense.

Another was a beautiful gold necklace that they said was just hanging in their jewelry box. They could not even remember where they got it, but they thought I could take it and sell for $ to help me with my bills.

The next was a beautiful print of a butterfly, that was GOLD...and the poem on it was named "Chrysalis"--which comes from the Greek word that means Gold.

Image for sale at:

So it got me thinking about the wise men, how they brought Jesus frankincense, gold and myrrh, what did it mean?

Gold was a symbol of kingship, power and Glory. It represented then, as now, financial security. They were storing their treasure in heaven.

They also brought frankincense. This was the priestly gift. Frankincense, a particular type of incense, was used in religious ceremonies to give honor to that which was considered holy. For us this is the gift of faith and service, a gift which draws us together to work for the coming of the kingdom of God.

Finally, they brought myrrh. Myrrh is an ointment which was used to heal, but was also used to embalm the bodies of the dead. This gift symbolized Christ's death on the cross. This was the hard, the bitter gift of suffering. It was a symbol that Christ would be willing to do the hardest task that God would call him to do.

Seemed to be relevant to what I am going through...

Because of the stress I have been under, I have not felt like painting...but the other night, I was praying and asking God...when I was ready to paint again...what the next Bride painting would be.

I saw her sitting in His lap. Her arms were wrapped so tightly around His neck. I was perplexed. Wondering what that might mean. So a couple of days later, I asked the Lord what it meant. This is what I felt like He said to me:

“This time of year, all the children line up to sit on Santa’s lap, and tell him what they want for Christmas, but I long to have my Bride come to me and sit on my lap. I long to hear her whisper in my ears what she wants…to be a child on her Father’s lap, trusting Him to provide all her needs according to My riches in Heaven.”

Tonight, I remembered what He showed me, and I was ready to paint it. As I was painting, I saw a big throne that He was sitting on, and as I started it, that worship song, “I see the Lord, seated on the throne…” came on. I saw the Glory all around them, and it came into the room where I was...and in the background of the painting.

I think, so many in the Body have been struggling financially, and I believe God just wants to encourage us that He is the King of Kings, He sees and knows...and loves us.

I pray you will become like a child again, crawl up on His lap...and whisper in His ear...because He does care, and He REALLY wants you to bless you!

Merry Christmas!

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Comment by Vicki C. on December 30, 2009 at 9:47am
Lovely write, lovely paint, and lovely journey you are on, Christine!
Happy New Year 2010, and may you & we all grow closer to HIM (as in this painting/creation)
Thank you Christine, for your pieces & good sharing.

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