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Hope to the Hopeless!!
This poem was me at one time in my life!!

"Your life will amount to nothing!" they say

lock her up and throw away the key
Trapped inside these prison walls
prison walls made by mans opinions

Rumanating thoughts of self loathing
dancing in my head, blurring my vision
The past a phantom, appearing over and over again

World spinning around, mockingly pointing their finger
The voices taunting as you fail again and again
Not here they say and not there
as they set their limitations
All seems hopeless slipping into a dark abyss

Then when all seems at a loss, as a lion roars at his enemies
God's voice speaks to the enemies of my soul
"You are worth something and you are precious jewel, never to be thrown away
I have a plan and I have a purpose for your life
I have the key to unlock the door to your prison
Never again will you be thrown away
I will be with you always
You are the apple of my eye!!!
I LOVE YOU WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED, to infinity and back!!"
In an instant God's love rescued me from the dark abyss

If you are feeling like you are worthless like in the poem, Jesus wants you to know that he doesn't see you that way. He loves you so much and he will never hurt you or fail you. If you have that emptiness feeling and nothing
seems to make it go away reach out to him. He will be right there to meet you
where you are at. I know I've been there, where there was no hope! Any who take
care! Love Caroline

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