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Feast of Pentecost prophetic art

Celebrated Feast of Pentecost with our "one new man" fellowship (Eph. 2:14-15).Was nervous to step out and do prophetic art, but God assured me that He would be there as I "walked on the water" with my eyes on Him. He said, You are ready to fly! Yes, Lord I will fly with you!

I prayed with the first woman and I saw the word Peace. Then I saw this yellow flower with five petals and then I saw a rose. She was so excited since she was praying for peace for what she was facing. In addition, she had lost her joy and saw the yellow flower as representing the joy He was restoring to her. She grows roses and loves roses. I felt the Lord say that she is a rose and her times with Him release a beautiful fragrance like a rose unto Him. I drew the picture in colored pencil and oil pastel. Her heart was touched with His love and encouragement.  

With the second woman I prayed and saw and drew a golden crown with gemstones - representing the 12 tribes of Israel. Later I found out that she is a Jewish believer so this meant a great deal to her. I wrote the word Triumphant below the crown that I drew with white rays of light bursting forth from it. She was so encouraged by what God gave me for her.

Then I prayed with the third woman and saw the word "dance" and a dancer in a light purple, almost lilac, color dancing with a pink scarf and there was pink swirling all around her. I later find out that she used to dance before the Lord, but had stopped. Of all things pink is favorite color. Pink represents First Love and intimacy with Jesus. She was also encouraged by the Lord with this artwork.

Thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity to encourage the hearts of these women!

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Comment by Christine Council on June 5, 2011 at 3:12pm

That is WONDERFUL sister!!! Thank you for sharing! 


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