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The Day of Hope was amazing! The mayor was there and the chief of police.

One woman had a bad ankle/achiles tendon -- injured it a year ago. Pain level 8. The team prayed for one minute and the pain was reduced to 4. Prayed again and pain reduced to 0.
Another person had a painful right shoulder --  prayed, and pain reduced from 7 to 3. Prayed again and pain went to 0.
Another person had a broken wrist from playing a soccer goalie. Had a soft cast on her wrist. Prayed and the pain went from 7 to 3 to 0. She was able to squeeze my husband's hand hard.
An older woman almost blind -- could only see shadows. At the end of praying, her full sight was restored!
Another person had a bad back. Healed within 30 seconds. No pain.
Another person had multiple issues. Her left leg was shorter than her right leg. After praying for 30 seconds, her left leg became the same length as her right leg. She also had a bad left knee, which was healed when we prayed again. She also had an extremely painful right trapezius muscle. We prayed again and the pain went away. She initially could barely walk, depending heavily on her cane. But when prayed for was able to walk home with her groceries, easily without aid.
God is soooooo GOOD!

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