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.Todays sermon didn't talk abou this. I am wondering who this picture is for. The image appears to have left behind the people on the dock. But they are wearing bright red rags on their head, with tassels. These people are children of God. I saw them in grey the boats did not have people in it as they drifted away. I really wanted to put them in the boat but held back. The people wait... for? You tell me..

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Comment by Anna M. Lariz on November 6, 2012 at 7:56pm

I love things like this!  I love breaking down each part and there meaning.  Then allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal to me His truth.  So here are my observations:

Water; meaning: people, an organization, and/or the world

7 boats- "7" means spiritual perfection

5 people- "5" means grace

7+5= 12; "12" means governmental perfection, Apostolic fullness

Red; means blood of Christ, passion, love, sacrifice

Gray; means strength, humility, protection

Sun; means Christ and/or new day, new beginning, Sunrise

I know you're probably thinking "what...?!"  I love symbols. :)  The first thing I thought was the 5 wise virgins and the 5 fold ministries.  The 5 wise virgins were patiently waiting for the bridegroom.  The 5 fold ministries are for the perfecting of the saints.  God is has been restoring the functioning of the 5 fold ministries to the Church. The first ministries that have been functioning for years are the Pastors and Evangelists.  They are the closest to the end of the pier   Next, the Teachers and Prophets.  In the last 10-15 years God has increased the prophetic ministry therefore teachers has to increase so that there would be no confusion in the Church.  The last ministry to be restored is the Apostolic, in the bottom corner.  They are covered  by Christ (red caps) and clothed in humility yet extremely strong.  I believe they are not suppose to be in the boats.  They are looking down because they are waiting to jump into the water.  They are waiting to be released into the people/the world.  Yes, the 5 fold ministries have been functioning for years in some fashion but I believe God is releasing a new stronger wave of people His been saving for "such a time as this".  The 7 boats are for the Harvest.  They are going to collect a lot of fish.  They are going to do what there forerunners could only dream of.  The Sun in the back is a "Sunrise".  The dawn is breaking and God is ready to release these great men and women of God.  Well, that's what I got.  Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Darinda Sanford on October 15, 2012 at 1:15pm

.. and I love the art by the way.. especially the people and the way you sketched the sun reflection... there's just so much in it.. the more you study it the more you get from it.

Comment by Darinda Sanford on October 15, 2012 at 8:57am

The people wait for God to pick them up and put them in the boat... maybe? That relates to a sermon I watched online yesterday morning... (the Ramp) which in a nutshell... God's people were waiting on and praying for God to do for them rather than in and through them. They weren't moving into their provision, success, destiny etc. because they were waiting for God to fix things outwardly when in fact He's already put it in them to do. It looks like in your painting that God has provided opportunities but we are letting them float away.. (Example: For a long time God would urge me to do prophetic art but I didn't have the supplies, space, etc. So I was waiting for Him to provide what I needed to do it when actually I already had it... (my computer). I eventually gave in and realized this was something I could do digitally) So personally I've overcome a lot but that word and your painting is still something I needed at this time... and the fact that you wanted to put them in the boat but held back speaks to me. I have a fear of getting in the wrong boat.. been in boats that led to stormy seas.. or got smacked by someone with a boat paddle... so it's good to wait for the right boat .... or should I swim out and get in one and HOPE it's the right one and I don't get bit by piranhas . :D   Praying into it .. on a second look the person at the right end of the dock especially, and the one on the right have their heads up looking and seem to be watching for an opportunity to get in a boat or watching for the right boat... .. and the fact that you titled it "Wait" may mean to wait BUT watch because your Ship is coming in \o/ Yay! ... so that's 2 different meanings in your one painting... thanks for posting it.

Comment by Krista Labanon on October 14, 2012 at 7:51pm
Thank you Kathryn,
Never though of the people. On the dock as waiting too long but that is what we do sometimes. I hope I will wait for God but be brave to move when he tells too. Thank you for you comments.
Comment by Kathryn Franklin Duggan on October 14, 2012 at 6:02pm

I don't know if this has anything to do with your picture or not... but it reminded me of something that God showed me awhile ago. When we choose to become His, He has a journey for each one of us. That journey is in the boat... we step out of our comfort zone and go with Him. Many people want to have one foot in the boat and one on the dock. When He tries to take them on their journey with Him, the boat starts moving and they fall into the water.   That is where we are fishers of men. The only other thoughts that I have is that many Christians are satisfied with salvation... the blood (red) has made atonement for them, and they are content there and do not want to go farther. They stagnate in a place where they are caught and do not go forward to the wondrous glories that God has for each of us in this life when we give up all and go where He sends us. 

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