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Karen's second painting, for competition Abused women

This was Karen's second painting ever painted. She was given notice from her grandmother of this contest. Karen was 13. The contest was for 13 to 18 year olds. She was praying about what to do and God gave her a vision of this picture with the message and said "I want this out there!" Karen came in the room after she had started and asked me my opinion. I gave it to her not thinking about it. The next thing I know she was in tears crying that she had ruined the painting. I figured out that she had asked me but I had not asked God or thought about it, and really it she shouldn't need my opinion in this, so I painted white over the mess. She told me she was nervous and she couldn't do it again like the first time because God told her what to do. I, finally realizing how much she was hearing God, told her to go pray because God would tell her again since He already told her the first time. Karen did and got the same instruction for everything step by step. She was so pleased. We entered the painting the night before the competition ended. We got a call a week later stating she had won being the youngest in the State of Maine, ages 13 to 18 years old and that she would get to meet the Governor of Maine for luncheon. The competition holds the rights to the painting. They also held the rights to change the message. Karen's original message is posted above. The one lower is the message which was given the poster. Every high school in Maine posted her picture with the message helping abused women and children. Karen, also was able to express her own feelings and experiences at the Governor's meeting with her father proudly beside her side. What a great healing in many ways. This is not for sale, but we thought it would be good to share as it is a personal part of Karen's life.

Acrylic on Board.
Not for sale.

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