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Comment by Jennifer Jones on May 2, 2012 at 5:31am

Invitation Extended

This piece began at the sunrise service this past Easter morning


   It was a cloudy morning with a hope for needed rain in the air. You could even feel a light mist as we sat in the morning. I closed my eyes meditating on what Lord was wanting to show me, I began to see these two blue wings of a butterfly, but only the bottom half of the wings. Between the wings where the stairs that led up to what looked like a tunnel of light that was drawing us into it’s presence, into to HOPE into true LIGHT. Colors and light radiated from that opening. The painting, “invitation extended” is how the Lord helped me express what He showed me. Interesting, when you look closely you can see horses on the viewers right side under the wave and other images on the left along with the birds. There’s more to this piece that I have yet to  discover . 

Below is a friends response to the piece:
I love it and it speaks loudly to my soul the stairway to heaven the "red sea" parted by the pure blood of Christ. I imagine the lambs book of life at the top of the stairs all can look in however if we do not accept the invitation. "RSVP" our name will not be in that book and we will be turned away ! I see something else but not willing to put it in writing. We will talk together about it.”

When we talked later she told me , “ I see a bowl of fire that represents hell. She said , “satan works hard at convincing people that death is just a peaceful end ending in eternal sleep! He was kicked out of heaven never to be allowed to return. He doesn’t want anyone else to get in!”

 Her response amazed me and blessed me. I love what she saw and heard!
This is what I know about the piece right now. I love the revelation God brings through different viewers!

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