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Battle Cry - Your Voice is Your Most Powerful Weapon

I am convinced that as Christians we totally underestimate the power of our voice.

That’s probably because it’s a natural ability we don’t have to practice or train for. It works pretty well from birth on (as I’m sure all parents can testify of). The first time I began to understand the powerful supernatural potential of my voice was by the age of 8. One night I had a nightmare in which creepy, slimy monsters were hunting me down and trying to eat me. (Who didn’t have one of these dreams at some point?)

They were coming closer and closer and I was hopelessly frozen in fear as I began to whisper the most beautiful word the universe has ever known. “Jesus”. Suddenly it was silent. I lifted my head and was shocked to watch all my enemies silently retreating, pure terror written in their faces. From that day on my understanding of releasing His power through my words has grown through countless encounters. With this painting I wanted to reflect the 4 Lessons I’ve learned about the nuclear weapon our voice is. Keep reading if you’re ready to give your spiritual life a turbo-boost...

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