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Ok, here is the challenge...if you choose to accept it...

With the recent storms, there has been much fear and panic released, destruction and heartache.  So I was praying about a way to make a difference...and the Lord dropped an idea in my heart!


Paint!  Challenge everyone on TPC to paint...then sell the paintings and give the $ to a charity (of your choice) to help the victims!!!!


So, the theme is "Peace in the Storm" and the deadline to have your entry in is May 1st.  That will give you time to seek God and see what He wants you to release!  


Pray also about where He would want you to give the money, and how much you should ask for.  Pray about the person that will buy your painting, that it will speak to their heart.  I am working on a page where I can post all the photos once they are in and then share them via email, on FB and anyplace you want to forward them to!  They will also be featured on the first page of TPC.  I will have the potential buyer contact you.


You will need a reasonably good photo for me to be able to post it.


When you email the photo to me, include your name, medium, size, price and name of the ministry you want to donate the $ from the sale to.  Also include a testimony of the painting.  How God gave it to you...and what it means.  Again the deadline is May 1st.  Prefer to have something you seek God on between now and then...but if you have an old piece that works, I will consider it!

 Register here!


Ok!  Hope you will accept the challenge to make a different and use your gifts to CREATE Peace in the Storm.


Feel free to share the challenge with any other prophetic artist you know as well!





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Who am I to say no to what God could do through me. I will pray and see if God has a picture. Great idea and great cause.


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