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His love is enough! His love can sustain you, heal you, lead you, and transform you!

Sometimes life is hard and leaves you aching. There are many times I cried out to God askinn why or wanting Him to change my circumstances, but He did not remove me from the situation. I looked at it from a child's perspective, wanting what I wanted when I wanted it. He simply loved me through it, and said, "My love is enough." The truth of the matter was that my situation was one He allowed me to be in, and He had a good plan for me by allowing me to go through it-which couldn't be achieved otherwise. Also, He knew what was best for me better than I did. He wanted me to know (and you too)that His comfort is available to me (to you)no matter what, and it is better than any other kind of comfort. His love is enough-even if that is the only comfort you have. Sometimes He does remove things just so that you can see that. It really is enough. How much do you trust Him? If you trust Him allow him to get you through the difficult time with His comfort. He says, "I will not leave you comfortless (or as orphans). I will come to you and send the Comforter (Holy Spirit) to you." (John 14:18 paraphrased.)

During the difficult time, if you allow Him, God will refine you and eliminate the impurities in you. You will grow into a deeper and more personal understanding of His great love for you. Your faith will grow and soar as a result. It's all by choice depending on if you submit to His perfect will or fight it and try to do your own thing. If you submit, and allow Him to cleanse and heal you, while He comforts you with his unfailing love, you will come into a more beautiful and spatious place that nobody will ever be able to take from you-because it will not be dependent on your circumstances. Wouldn't you want to know this love on such a deep and personal level?

I might update this picture in the future and add beads or something else around the heart.

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